Dental Implant

Dental implants are one of the most successful form of tooth replacement available. If you have gaps in your smile or have recently lost a tooth, dental implants could be a great option for you.

Dental implants are a great option for a tooth replacement as they closely mimic the look and function of your natural tooth. They are an attractive alternative to dentures and bridges.

Why is a dental implant preferred than a denture?

Dentures are not fixed in your mouth, they can move around. Over time, as there is no tooth/teeth, the jaw bone shrinks creating a larger gap and a not so great fit causing the denture to become more loose. The fit of the denture can be improved by relining from time to time or wearing adhesive strips.

An implant is firmly placed in your jaw bone, you are able to bite and chew just like you would with your own teeth. Aesthetically, they look very natural.

Why is a dental implant preferred than a bridge?

A Bridge involves placing custom-made bridge between neighbouring teeth to fill gaps of one or more missing teeth. They are used in conjunction with crowns on either side of the affected area, allowing the crowns to stabilise the bridge and create a stronger, more effective solution to tooth loss.

Whilst bridges are firmly secured in place by being attached to teeth either side of the tooth you are replacing, you have to cut into the teeth either side of the tooth being replaced so that the crowns fit over the top of both these teeth. It can be an invasive procedure especially when the teeth either side of the gap have no restorations in place.

There can be long term problems that could be encountered. As there is less teeth for the force of chewing to spread over, the teeth have to withstand more force. This could traumatise the tooth/teeth and cause the nerve to become inflamed. If the nerve of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected, the dentist may need to gain access through the top of the bridge to do root canal treatment.

Crowns and bridges require regular flossing and brushing paying more attention to cleaning around the margins of the teeth. There is special floss you can purchase to clean underneath the bridge.
Another disadvantage of tooth loss is that the areas of missing teeth become hollowed out, causing your cheek to collapse giving a more drawn in appearance on the face.

An advantage of having an implant is reduced bone loss, no collapsed cheeks!

Dental Implant Cost

A single tooth implant costs from $3000-$6000. It is difficult to give an exact price on the cost as every case is different. We can however offer a free consultation with one of our dentists to get a more accurate cost for a single tooth implant cost or multiple implant cost.

We do offer an interest free payment plan option through DentiCare.

Ongoing care of your Implant

A dental implant can not get a cavity, however you must still practice good oral hygiene to keep the gums and bone that support the implant healthy as implants can still get gum and jaw bone disease. To protect you investment, we highly recommend routine active maintenance appointments our friendly dental professionals.

What next?

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