Digital Smile Design

Have you ever wondered what your teeth may look like after having cosmetic dental or orthodontic treatment done without committing to the treatment? Ever wondered what your teeth may look like if you have orthodontic treatment?

The Technology is Here!

Digital Smile Design is an advanced digital technology that allows you to be involved in the planning process of your own treatment, making sure that you are going to get the outcome you want.

Firstly it involves a consultation appointment with your dentist where your dentist will do a thorough examination. This includes examination of your teeth, gums and to identify any concerns you may have

Then your dentist will scan your upper and lower teeth (digital impressions), take your photo records taking into consideration your whole face. Using the Digital Smile Design technology, we can then prepare and provide a treatment plan that you are happy with. Your dentist can go through the treatment options with you and can show you what your smile may look like after your treatment before you have commenced treatment. We can show you what your smile might look like after the makeover and can get an idea of the cost involved.

Sound good?

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