Nitrous Oxide

Have you been avoiding that all important dental checkup for a long time due to the fear of the dentist?

The most common feedbacks we have received are that patients do not hate the dentists but hate what a dental procedure entails. The injection of the anaesthetic, the sound of the spinning drill and how their last dentist climbed onto their chest to yank that broken tooth out are some of the common things we hear about.

If this is what is keeping you away, then please read on:

Here at Semaphore Dental, we understand that you might not be 100% comfortable with having dental work done whilst conscious and yet we cannot send you for general anaesthetic every time something needs to be worked on. Hence, we are now offering sedation with nitrous oxide (commonly known as happy gas) for our nervous patients or for our little patients who might not tolerate us working in their mouths.

What is it?

Nitrous oxide is a gas. Providing nitrous during treatment is a way to help reduce pain and anxiety during dental treatment. The gas is supplied via a small nose piece that covers your nose and you or your child will be awake throughout the procedure. Patients usually recover quickly from the effects of the gas after their dental treatment is completed.

Considering nitrous for your procedure?

We require your consent to use sedation and consent to carry out the dental procedure. You will still need to come in and meet our friendly team who will then carry out the necessary dental checkup, X-rays and medical history checks to make sure you are eligible to be prescribed nitrous.

There is an additional fee to use nitrous oxide during the procedure and your health fund may contribute towards it. You will be given the estimated costs and quote for your treatment which you can then check with your health fund if there are any outstanding gap payments.

During the procedure

Nitrous Oxide is given whilst you are in the dental chair and you or your child will be breathing through a small nosepiece that sits over the nose but doesn’t cover the mouth.

  1. The gas makes the patient sleepy and relaxed but still fairly aware of the surroundings. Often patients feel dreamy, floaty, warm or have some tingling in their hands and feet. You might also get a little forgetful and not remember much of the procedure afterwards.
  2. A dentist and a dental nurse will be in the room at all times during the procedure to monitor the level of sedation.
  3. Dental anaesthetic is usually given whilst the patient is sedated before carrying out the procedure so that we maximise the comfort level of the patient.


Recovery from nitrous oxide is very quick once the dental treatment has been completed. You or your child will be monitored for a brief period following sedation. Just remember not to to bite your lip or cheek whilst it is numb!

For more information — please give Semaphore Dental a call at 08 8242 2458 and let us help you in getting over your dental phobia!