Invisible Braces, Invisible Aligners… That is what Invisalign is. Have you ever wanted straight teeth but have been put off by those metal braces you have to wear? Well, we may have the solution for you.

Straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing. Invisible braces and aligners are virtually invisible.

Invisalign Cost

The cost of Invisalign can vary depending on some factors such as:

  • How much alignment is required
  • The number of aligners needed and whether adjustments are needed
  • The amount covered by your health insurance

We can offer you a Free consultation so you can see what the possibilities are.

If you don’t have a health fund or your health fund doesn’t cover most of the costs, then we can offer an Interest Free payment solution, DentiCare.

What is involved?

A consultation with one of our dentists to assess your concerns and to talk to you about the possible options that are available to you. At this appointment, your dentist may take some impressions, photographic records and X-rays.

At a further appointment, your dentist will be able to show you what outcome you would expect from your proposed customised treatment plan.

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