Root Canal Treatment

In the past, damaged or diseased teeth were removed, but thanks to advancements in dental treatments and technology, root canal treatments can save teeth that would otherwise be lost.

Root Canal Treatment, also known as endodontic treatment is required when there is inflammation or infection of the pulp/nerve of the tooth. It can be caused by:

  • A deep cavity
  • Trauma
  • Cracked tooth
  • Extreme wear
  • Extensive work on the tooth

Symptoms can include pain, heat and cold sensitivity, tooth discolouration (greyish) and swelling around the tooth. It can be accompanied by a pimple on the gum (fistula).

To remove the infection, either removal of the tooth or removal of the nerve within the tooth is required. Removal of the tooth is instant but of course, there’s the loss of the tooth.

The other alternative is to have Root Canal Treatment. Most people opt to save the tooth with Root Canal Treatment because in general your natural tooth will function and feel better than an artificial tooth.

Another factor to consider is the space that is left after tooth extraction. The teeth either side can tilt inwards into this space and the opposing tooth can move vertically into this space too. This can form gaps between the surrounding teeth over time, encouraging food trapping in-between teeth and making it more difficult to clean. If cleaning the remaining teeth is difficult, then it can further cause gum disease and decay.

The treatment involves cleaning out the infection from the canals of the tooth. This involves a few appointments spread out over a period of time. Each root canal is cleansed, shaped and an antibiotic dressing placed between appointments.

Root Canal Cost

Some patients feel discouraged to go ahead with root canal treatment due to the cost. When deciding whether to go ahead, you need to also consider the long-term problems you may have and the costs involved. Once we’ve had a good look at your tooth, the dentists at Semaphore Dental will be able to discuss the suitability of root canal treatment and provide a straight forward cost estimate for your consideration before starting treatment.

We believe that all patients should be able to access dental treatment. That is why we offer interest free payment plans (conditions apply) through DentiCare.

In some Cases…

One thing your dentist will take into consideration before commencing treatment is whether they think the root canal treatment will be successful. In most cases, root canal treatment is successful, however, your dentist will need to assess the surrounding areas of the tooth and how much tooth structure is left.

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